5 Reasons to Book a Session at The Sound Machine (Shameless Plug)

So your notebooks are chock full of lyrics and you’re ready to put your thoughts on wax. Nothing is more disappointing to a musician than spending hours and hundreds of dollars in the studio only to get a mediocre recording on dated equipment. To guarantee a recording that displays your music at its full potential, you need a studio that covers all the bases: professionalism, high-tech equipment, a comfortable environment, qualified engineers and an experience that leaves you feeling inspired, not broke. The Sound Machine ATL has all these bases covered. Check out 5 reasons you should book with The Sound Machine.

1. Save Your Coins So You Can Blow Stacks Later: Musicians’ main priority is getting their music out there, but it doesn’t have to be “at any cost”. The average price of a decent recording studio in Atlanta is upwards of $100/hr, and that’s before any additional services such as mixing and mastering. Between multiple sessions, this can get expensive quickly. The Sound Machine offers basic recording rates at only $50/hr. Ready to commit? The Hit Sound package ($650) includes 4 hours of recording, a mixed and mastered track and additional hours at a discounted rate. Packages aimed towards albums and EPs are also available on the site. Keeping it affordable allows the artist to record more high quality music. We want you to focus more on the music coming out of your mouth than the money coming out of your pocket.

2. Set Your Own Vibes: A comfortable environment is key for creativity. When you’re physically in your zone, it’s that much easier to adjust and let your creative juice flow. At The Sound Machine ATL, you control your vibe. From the lighting to the free liquor, everything is adjustable to your taste. Customize your experience and get in your zone.

3. Top of the Line Equipment: Crisp recordings require top of the line, well maintained equipment, period. The Sound Machine spared no cost when it came to ensuring the music of our clients. The studio boasts a brand new Apollo 8 recording interface, a TLM Neumann u87 mic for ice-clear sound and a Slate digital touch screen to easily navigate through your files. The room is acoustically balanced with sound-proof panels throughout and double-walled entry points. We bought it so you don’t have to. All that’s missing is your voice.

4. We Know What We’re Doing: All of the engineers at The Sound Machine are professionally certified and highly qualified. Over half of the engineers are members of the Recording Academy-you know, the one responsible for the Grammy's? In addition to knowing their way around studio equipment, the Sound Machine team also knows a thing or two about marketing. No shade, it just takes more than uploading your song to Sound-cloud and hoping for the best. We offer Music Marketing services to help connect you to industry movers and shakers and promote your art to the masses, as well as copy-writing assistance to make sure it’s protected. We’ve got you covered.

5. The Experience: Professionalism is of the highest standard at The Sound Machine. Our engineers start your session promptly on time and work efficiently through the end of it. Every client receives a copy of their session on their flash drive for easy access later. The team is friendly, driven and committed to helping bring your sound to life in the best way possible. We want you to walk away knowing you’ve found a reliable home-base for your most treasured art. And a couple of cups of Jack Daniels on the house, well, that’s just a warm welcome home.

Ready to join the Sound Machine family? Book your first session here.

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